Ready for pick up at market October 5th and 7th.


Get on the list early to keep your place in getting an organically raised chicken raised on pasture at Three Forks Farms. Non-certified but raised under the organic regulations of EcoCert, we are proud to deliver a delicious bird that is healthy, nutritious and safe.


Raised under the Artisinal Chicken Program, Three Forks Farms follows strict on farm food safety protocols to ensure both the safety of the birds and the customers who eat them. We care about you and our animals.


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The total cost of the bird will be $5.99/lb but by pre- ordering you only pay $5.50/lb.   The $20.00 fee here is a deposit which reserves your chicken. This way you won’t miss out. The remaining cost of will be paid on pickup. This will range from an additional $10-20 depending on the size of the bird.

Ready for pick up October 5th and 7th at the Sudbury Farmers Markets or you can arrange to pick up fresh birds at the farm on Wednesday Oct 4th after 3pm.

Additional information

Weight 5 lbs
10 Part Chicken

Option: Have your chicken broken down to 10 parts