Community Shared Agriculture Program / Produce Box




Three Forks Farms is launching it’s Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) program. It is a fifteen week organic vegetable box program that provides you with the freshest produce from our farm every week in the summer. The box is designed for an active family of three to four people. This box would also work for a couple that cooks that majority of their meals at home.  You can expect anywhere from seven to thirteen items in you box every week. Early season, the box is smaller, mid season is the bonanza time and late season the box gets a little smaller again.

The CSA  starting June 28th and finishing on October Thursday October 4th, just in time for thanksgiving meal.  The pick locations will be  either at the Thursday Night  Farmers Market which be in the York Street Parking Lot across the street from Bell Park in Sudbury from 4 to 5:30pm, or On-Farm on Fridays at 719 Sutcliffe Rd Warren from 4pm to 5:30pm

The cost of the program is $450 which works out to $30 of produce per week averaged out over the whole season. As a CSA member you are a priority customer based on your commitment to our farm this season. We will be growing crops just for our CSA members and you get bonus produce when the season is bountiful.

When you come to the CSA pick up on Thursdays, you will get to select your choice produce, taking what you like, and trading with other members for products less or more desired. We want you to be able to take the food that you will eat and not be overwhelmed by food that will just take up space in your fridge and end up in the compost. You should get the most from your community shared farm program.

You also receive a weekly newsletter that will  give updates on how things are going the farm, what to expect in the box and recipe ideas.


Why CSA’s are important

CSA’s were originally developed as a way to have a shared commitment between the eaters and the farmers. Farming is a costly and risky business, as there is rarely confirmed markets for the products that are grown. Each farmer starts a season weighing the risks and making strong estimates on what will sell at all their markets. The CSA program reduces risks for farmers by knowing in advance how much product to produce and when it will be sold. In addition, the CSA members share the seasonal risk with the farmer, so if the season is bountiful then they share the bounty, when there is a poor crop the CSA members receive less. This risk sharing is a fair way to produce food for communities that benefit everyone.

What do we grow on the farm




*orange & multi-coloured carrots

*baby greens

*head lettuce



*patty pan squash

*variety of winter squash


*green onions




*garlic & garlic scapes


*pie pumpkins




*swiss chard

*sweet & hot peppers

*cherry and beefsteak tomatoes

And a wack more produce.


Pasture Chickens

Three Forks Farms also produces one thousand pastured chickens. Although the chickens are not part of the program. We’re going to offer a 8% discount on pre-ordered whole chickens to all CSA customers.  Our first batch of chickens will be ready at end of June, second batch will be ready in early August, and last batch will be ready in time for Thanksgiving.


In terms of payment. You either pay all at once or in two installments of 225$. The first payment reserves your spot in the program and the second payment is required by May 30th to confirm your membership.

Weekly Pick up and Missed Boxes

We ask that the customers bring their own box or bags when picking their CSA share.  The pick up time is between 4:00pm & 5:30pm every Thursday from June 29th to October 5th

A box not picked up is considered a lost box. We need to make this rule for logistical reasons.  We have limited refrigeration on the farm and we cannot hold missed boxes, nor can we track up collected boxes from multiple members.  If it looks like you’re going to miss a pick up, we suggest asking a family member or friend to pick up in your place. Just e-mail us or text us to let us know that we can expect someone else in your place. If you plan for extended holidays, we recommend that you come and purchase from us as a market customer to ensure that you get the best value for your dollar.


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