Hi, my name is Josée and I am writing a reference letter in regards of my experience working at Three Forks Farm, summer 2018.

I’d like to start off with a big thank you to Eric and Peggy for making me a part of their team and for letting me be a part of their wonderful growing business. So knowledgeable in their field and so many different things to learn. To top it off, getting to work with certified organic products and not having to worry about any dangerous chemicals or sprays is great!

I’d like to start off by saying this is a hardworking, productive, learning, growing, rewarding environment. As well as a great way to get that hands on learning experience you always wanted. You must be also be in good physical condition, be able to endure working in different weather environment and have a positive attitude. It is physically demanding but working at Three Forks Farm you find fun in the task that you are doing or completing. Whether it’s transplanting, harvesting, post-harvest, weeding there is always a way to be efficient while having a good time or enjoying yourself.

There are a lot of the responsibilities around the farm from bed prepping, to transplanting, helping out with the chickens, cutting materials, weeding, washing/cleaning, prepping for market, lifting and loading etc.. At some times, the work can be repetitive but you learn to get into a routine and next thing you know there is something new to do. The work is very rewarding because you get to be a part of the hole process, all while learning the different steps to follow when it comes to farming organically, observing and growing with the business, the people, the plants, getting to see all the hard work we’ve accomplished throughout the season. Definitely must be motivated and proud of the hard work you put in because you grow as well as everything else that grows at three forks farm. It is a wonderful feeling and a great atmosphere.  

I wish all the best success for Eric & Peggy at Three Forks Farm in the near future and I am proud & honored to have worked by their side as well as make new friends along the way.

Thank you!

Josée Côté