We pride ourselves in raising pastured  chicken here at Three Forks Farms.

We believe you will love  it too. 


How our chicken is raised. 

Our chickens come to us as day old chicks, just hatched out of the egg. During the first three weeks of life we take great care to give them all the safety and comfort they need to be strong chickens through their life. We keep them safe in stand alone buildings called brooders where they have access to water, food and consistent warmth. Once they are strong and safe we move them to the pasture.

Out in the field the chickens have access to all the elements, the  sun, the wind, the grass and the bugs. Our chickens are healthier on pasture as they build up a natural immunity and strength by being in nature. They chickens are enclosed in large square mobile house  that have roof over 75% to protect them from the rain and sun if needed. The sides are covered with a hard mesh to keep out predators. While it would be nice to have the chickens roaming free in the field, the reality is that there are too many predators, on ground and in the air, that could harm the chickens, as well the houses reduce their exposure to other hazards that could come from exposure to other bird species. We are confident that the chickens have access to ample room, air, grass and nature to make sure that they are healthy and happy chickens.

Throughout their lives, the chicken are never fed hormones, antibiotics or chemicals as we adhere to the Canadian Organic Standard for all the food that we grow and raise. The chickens are given certified organic feed which is sourced from an Ontario feed mill and contains no GMO’s.

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